Life Skills

How to Avoid Winter Hazards

Zoomed in image of a SUV sitting on a snowy and icy road.

How to Avoid Winter Hazards There’s nothing like waking up to a winter wonderland. A fresh coat of shimmering snow covering everything in sight is our favorite part about this time of year. But with this beauty comes some hazards we can often forget as soon as spring hits. We decided it was time for…

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5 Ways to Forgive Yourself

The dark silhouette of a man stands at the edge of a large glassy lake as the sun begins to rise in the distance and illuminate a cloudy sky.

5 Ways to Forgive Yourself So you’re in a bind and can’t stop beating yourself up about it, huh? Well, we always start by assuming our clients’ innocence in whatever legal situation they’ve become entangled in, and regardless of what has occurred, we fight for their right to be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness,…

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How to Stay Safe on the Road as a Bicyclist

A man wearing a helmet and a green backpack rides his bike through a brightly lit city at night, the lights blurring and blending behind him as he rides along the street.

How to Stay Safe on the Road as a Bicyclist  Our little mountain town of Flagstaff has been hailed as a “biker’s paradise” and “biker’s mecca” for both mountain bikers and commuters, with approximately 9 percent of all trips being made by bicycle, almost 9 times the national average. However, even in a community where…

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Why Practicing Empathy Makes You a Better Lawyer

Image shows a group of people in shades of black and white placing their hands on a beige wooden heart.

Why Practicing Empathy Makes You a Better Lawyer Empathy is a word that perhaps many of us have heard, but which can be difficult to parse out in regards to what exactly it means or looks like. Many tend to conflate the terms sympathy and empathy, which despite sounding so similar, are not the same…

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