How to Avoid Winter Hazards

How to avoid winter hazards in northern arizona

How to avoid winter hazards in northern arizona

There’s nothing like waking up to a winter wonderland. A fresh coat of shimmering snow covering everything in sight is our favorite part about this time of year. But with this beauty comes some hazards we can often forget as soon as spring hits. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable winter! We decided to throw some tips together for safe driving in Northern Arizona.

Be Safe This Winter

There’s a couple of things that you can do to stay safe this winter. First, it’s important to understand the impact of winter weather on road conditions. We’ll talk about specific driving techniques and maintaining your vehicle for optimal performance. We’ll cover all aspects to ensure you’re well-equipped to face whatever challenges winter throws your way.

Icy Driveway & Sidewalk Tips

We’ve had a few decent snow storms thus far followed by warm days and freezing nights. Flagstaff residents know what this means…ice! Icy driveways, sidewalks, and roads can lead to seriously hazardous conditions.

When it comes to your sidewalk and driveway, doing everything in your power to reduce the amount of ice will make your daily life safe throughout winter. Our number one recommendation is to clear your driveway of snow right after a storm. Try not to wait a full 24 hours or it will be more difficult to remove icy snow chunks rather than fluffy snow. Avoid driving too much over fresh snow to avoid an expedited melting and freezing process.

Zoomed in image of a woman walking on an icy sidewalk with boots on.

If the front of your house is usually shaded, we recommend grabbing some snow and ice melt for extra precaution. (New Resident Tip: Make sure to ask your realtor which way your potential new home faces, it could make all the difference come winter.)

For long stretches of icy walk-ways, rubber crampons are a popular and versatile choice. We recommend leaving a pair in the car and another in the drawer that’s filled with winter hats and gloves.

While it’s important to be careful walking on icy sidewalks anywhere around town. If you believe you slipped, fell, and injured yourself out of someone else’s negligence, make sure to call our office. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the details of each accident case we handle and determine how injuries occurred and what should have been done by the property owner to prevent it.

Icy Driving Tips

We recommend trying to stay off the roads late at night or early in the morning when the roads are dangerously icy if at all possible. Thick blocks of ice and Black Ice can easily cause accidents or damage to your vehicle. If you feel the conditions of the roads are unsafe to travel on, trust your gut and don’t get in your car. We’re lucky to be living in Northern Arizona and can rely on the sun to melt most of the dangerous ice in time for us to go on with our day a majority of the time.

Two vehicles in an accident on a snowy road.

Hit a patch of Black Ice and not sure what to do? Here are some tips from The Weather Channel that may help:

  • “Keep your steering wheel straight. If you turn the wheel, you have a better chance of sliding and losing control of your vehicle.
  • Do not brake. Braking causes the vehicle to slide, especially if you brake too hard.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator to reduce speed. It is best to let the car stop on its own if you have enough room in front of you.”

If you’ve been injured in a car accident this winter, make sure to seek medical attention and consult a personal injury attorney with substantial knowledge and litigation experience. We will fight for your right to compensation.

Stay Safe This Winter

Being knowledgeable about how to avoid winter-related hazards can keep you and the community a whole lot safer. Don’t forget to take all the necessary steps to have a safe and enjoyable winter! Our team wishes you Happy Holidays!

If we missed any of your favorite tips, make sure to throw them in the comments on Facebook or send us a message, we’ll make sure to add them to next year’s edition!

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