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At Antol & Sherman, PC we understand that spousal support is often emotionally charged and that it can be difficult to untangle financial ties between two former partners. Our lawyers will work with you to ensure that your interests are protected while taking into account any special needs or considerations you may have. With over 60 years of combined experience, we will strive for optimal representation in court while remaining sensitive to your situation.

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Divorce proceedings can be incredibly taxing and challenging, with the emotional and financial strain of division, loss, and the complex legalities that come with it. One such complexity is spousal maintenance, which aims to ensure a partner is not left financially unstable following a separation. In Arizona, this includes considering the needs of both parties when determining alimony payments. The court will analyze necessary expenses and allocate funds to maintain a reasonable quality of living for both individuals.

It is essential to seek guidance from experienced family law attorneys who can provide accurate advice on legal proceedings regarding divorce and spousal maintenance. We bring decades of expertise in providing reliable support throughout high-stakes cases involving sensitive matters such as child custody, property division, asset protection, alimony agreements, and more. With our knowledge of family law, we can offer sound guidance on the nuances surrounding these complex issues that are often hard to understand. Additionally, we always strive for the best results possible to ensure clients feel comfortable in their pursuit of justice.

Serving Those Who Receive Alimony And Those Who Pay It In Northern Arizona

No matter what your expectations may be, whether to receive or pay alimony, it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced spousal support lawyer. Through methodically reviewing all assets of both parties, taking into account all relevant factors such as the financial need of both parties and their ability to pay we craft a defense that protects your best interests.

Providing Guidance For All Types Of Spousal Maintenance

Wondering how long does spousal support last? The duration of spousal support will depend on a variety of factors that will determine what kind of spousal support is required.

Temporary Spousal Maintenance
Permanent Spousal Maintenance
Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance
Limited or Reimbursement Spousal Maintenance

Temporary Spousal Maintenance

Temporary spousal support is a form of financial assistance to help a married couple during divorce proceedings to assist both spouses in maintaining their standard of living. This temporary spousal support is intended to help the financially weaker party during this difficult time by providing them with the necessary resources.

Permanent Spousal Maintenance

Permanent spousal maintenance is a form of ongoing financial support to a spouse who is unable to financially support themselves after a divorce. It is usually only awarded when the dependent spouse has a disability or age-related issues that prevent them from becoming self-sufficient. Permanent spousal maintenance has become increasingly rare, but can still be awarded if deemed necessary.

Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance

Rehabilitative spousal maintenance provides financial assistance for a limited period of time to assist one spouse in obtaining training, education, and job skills necessary to gain employment. This type of temporary alimony can help a spouse become self-sufficient while they are transitioning into the workforce. It is commonly awarded in longer-term marriages and helps cover the costs associated with obtaining a degree or certificate, job search expenses, and other expenses associated with finding employment such as transportation or childcare.

Limited or Reimbursement Spousal Maintenance

Reimbursement spousal maintenance is a form of support awarded by the courts to a spouse who has helped their partner attain higher education or improve their earning capacity during the marriage. This type of support does not depend on either party’s financial need, but rather compensates for any lost opportunity costs that may have been incurred as a result of one spouse having to take a lesser job to help support the family while the other pursued more lucrative training or career advancement. In essence, it is a way of rewarding contributions and making up for any loss of earnings that were sacrificed due to marriage obligations.

Eligibility for Spousal Maintenance

What determines if a spouse gets alimony will differ from state to state. Arizona alimony laws take into consideration a variety of factors such as:

  • The length of the marriage.
  • Each party’s age and health.
  • The division of property.
  • Each party’s educational level.
  • Earning capacity of the parties.

Feasibility that the party seeking alimony/maintenance can become self-supporting at a standard of living reasonably comparable to that enjoyed during the marriage.

The amount and duration of support needed to enable a party to achieve this goal.
If one spouse has significantly higher assets than another or earns significantly more income than their partner then they may be required to provide financial support for their former partner for a certain period. Ultimately, it is up to the court’s discretion as to whether one party should pay alimony to another with all relevant factors being taken into consideration before a decision is reached.

Amount and Duration of Spousal Maintenance

When it comes to determining the amount and duration of spousal maintenance, courts consider many factors. Some of these are the same factors used to decide if you qualify for spousal maintenance in the first place, such as your marital standard of living, the age, and health of both parties, their earning capacities, and relative financial resources. Courts also look at whether or not the paying spouse can afford alimony payments without becoming destitute. The length of the marriage is also taken into account – generally, marriages lasting longer than a decade may result in a longer duration for spousal support payments. In addition, any bad faith or criminal conduct on either party’s part could play a role in deciding how much and for how long alimony is awarded. Ultimately, these and other considerations will be weighed to determine an appropriate award that meets both parties’ needs while providing reasonable financial security.

Failure To Pay Spousal Support

If you fail to pay court-ordered spousal support, there can be serious consequences. The court may take enforcement action, such as placing a lien on your property, seizing your tax returns, collecting payments through an income withholding order, or levying against your bank account. This can potentially leave you with assets that are difficult to access and cause financial hardship.

If you are a spouse who has not been paid alimony, then you should take immediate action and contact the court. You should provide proof of payment and inform the court that they are not receiving their agreed-upon spousal support. Additionally, you will want to seek legal advice from an attorney experienced in family law matters who can help you understand your rights and options for enforcing payment of alimony.

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If you are in the process of going through a divorce or need help navigating alimony, it is important to seek legal guidance from a spousal support attorney. Our experienced team of lawyers will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance on the legal process. We understand that this is a difficult time for you, which is why we are committed to providing top-notch client service and dedication to fighting for your best interests. Schedule a free initial consultation today and discover what we can do for you.

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The law firm of Antol & Sherman, PC is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our lawyers represent people throughout Northern Arizona in a variety of legal matters including: 

•  Criminal Defense, including DUI, drug
charges, violent crimes & serious felonies

•  Family Law, including Child Custody,
Adoptions & Divorce

•  DUIs – All types from first offense to
aggravated & felony DUI

Experienced Trial Attorneys in

The law firm of Antol & Sherman, PC is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our lawyers represent people throughout Northern Arizona in a variety of legal matters including: 

•  Criminal Defense, including DUI, drug charges, violent crimes
& serious felonies

•  Family Law, including Child Custody, Adoptions & Divorce

•  DUIs – All types from first offense to aggravated & felony DUI

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