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The emotional and financial impact of divorce proceedings on a family can be devastating. Children are especially affected, as they must deal with the reality of their parents no longer being together. The custody of the child is an important process as it decides who looks out for the child’s best interests when it comes to decisions like education, health care, and more.

If appropriate to the circumstances of the case, it is often considered important for both parents to maintain an active presence in their child’s life, which is achieved through child visitation laws. These laws are set in place to dictate the amount of time each parent gets to spend with the child and how these visits take place. Child visitation laws can be complex which is why it is always a good idea to work with an attorney that has experience with family law.

Arizona Visitation Guidelines

Child visitation, also called parenting time, is a legal term describing the time a non-custodial parent spends with their child. Visitation allows the non-custodial parent to build and maintain a relationship with their child while allowing them to take part in important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.

In Arizona, visitation guidelines are designed to ensure that both parents continue to have meaningful contact with their children after a separation or divorce. The state’s allocation of parental responsibility is intended to promote healthy co-parenting and shared decision-making. The courts generally strive to provide both parents with enough visitation rights to foster strong relationships between them and their children.

Types Of Child Custody

In Arizona, there are a variety of child custody agreements and types of visitation rights that parents may choose from when considering an appropriate custody arrangement for their family. Depending on the needs and circumstances of the parents and child, any one of these options could be suitable for providing the necessary care and parental involvement.

Sole Custody
Joint Custody
Physical Custody
Legal Custody

How Do Visitation Rights In Arizona Get Decided?

Ideally, visitation is decided mutually between both parents and their representatives. In the instance where an amicable agreement is made prior to divorce, it is still possible for a judge to decide whether or not the agreement is appropriate.

When a couple cannot agree on child visitation, the court can step in and decide. The parent who asks for the court to step in and make a decision becomes the “petitioner.” The petitioner must present evidence as to why modification of the visitation order is needed and prove there has been a significant change in circumstances since the last order was issued or that there is an urgent need for immediate relief. They must also demonstrate that changing the visitation arrangement would be in the best interest of the child. The other parent is the “respondent” and is expected to provide their version of events as well as counterarguments during proceedings. The final decision will be based on all available evidence, including testimonies from both parties and any witnesses, as well as input from experts such as psychologists or social workers. The judge will decide on visitation rights that are deemed best for the child’s interest.

Sole Custody

In Arizona, Sole Custody is the legal situation in which one parent is designated as the sole caretaker and decision-maker of a minor. The other parent may be granted visitation rights, but all major decisions regarding the child’s care, education, welfare, and upbringing will ultimately be made by the custodial parent.

Joint Custody

In Arizona, joint custody is an arrangement involving both parents sharing the legal and/or physical custody of their child. Joint custody allows for both parents to participate in major decisions regarding a child’s upbringing, such as educational and medical decisions. When parents have joint custody, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities is made based on an agreed-upon parenting plan.

Physical Custody

In Arizona, physical custody – also known as residential custody – is an arrangement in which a parent or legal guardian provides care and support for the child daily. This type of custodial arrangement can be awarded sole or joint, depending on the circumstances.

Legal Custody

Legal custody encompasses a parent’s right to make decisions regarding their child’s education, medical care, and religious practices. This includes the right to access all pertinent records relating to the child. Regardless of if you are awarded sole custody or joint custody, you can retain your right to legal custody.

What If The Visitation Order Is Not Being Followed?

When visitation orders in Arizona custody cases are not being followed, the parent with visitation rights needs to take action. The first step would be to contact an experienced attorney who specializes in visitation rights and discuss their options. The attorney will be able to help them file papers in court and ask for help or enforcement of the visitation agreement.

The court may decide to issue a warning to the non-compliant parent or require them to attend parenting classes or counseling. If necessary, the court can also modify an existing order or establish new guidelines for future visits. In more extreme cases, where a parent has frequently and repeatedly violated an existing visitation order, they may face contempt of court charges. This could result in fines and even jail time as punishment for their disregard of the court’s orders.

Fight For The Best Interest Of The Child

When it comes to child visitation cases, the court must always keep the best interests of the child in mind. It is essential for a parent seeking custody to be prepared to show that living with them would provide the most secure and loving home environment for their child. To do this, they must be able to demonstrate a strong connection with their child and provide evidence showing that they can provide a stable and emotionally supportive home.

An experienced attorney can help fight for the best outcome for your child; they will be familiar with local family law procedures and can provide sound advice for making sure that your rights as a parent are upheld during proceedings.

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The law firm of Antol & Sherman, PC is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our lawyers represent people throughout Northern Arizona in a variety of legal matters including: 

•  Criminal Defense, including DUI, drug
charges, violent crimes & serious felonies

•  Family Law, including Child Custody,
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aggravated & felony DUI

Experienced Trial Attorneys in

The law firm of Antol & Sherman, PC is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our lawyers represent people throughout Northern Arizona in a variety of legal matters including: 

•  Criminal Defense, including DUI, drug charges, violent crimes
& serious felonies

•  Family Law, including Child Custody, Adoptions & Divorce

•  DUIs – All types from first offense to aggravated & felony DUI

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