9 Friends to Stay Away From This Tequila Sunrise

A man looking through a glass of dark liquor.

9 Friends to Stay Away From This Tequila Sunrise

A man looking through a glass of dark liquor.

We all have those friends or acquaintances who have dangerous behavior (like getting a DUI or public intoxication) when they drink alcohol, especially in large quantities. With the approach of the familiar Flagstaff tradition, Tequila Sunrise, we wanted to give you a few examples of people you should either assist in preventative measures or stay away from. This holiday can pose many dangers if people do not take responsibility for themselves but it can also be an enjoyable day for friends, family, and community to let loose and enjoy some much needed R&R. The following guide is here to help you enjoy a fun and safe Flagstaff Tequila Sunrise and NAU Homecoming.


People You Should Not Be With On Tequila Sunrise

1. The Drunk Driver Friend

The friend who typically tries to drive after consuming alcohol might be the most common. They also can put you and others in severe danger. He/she may have had a DUI already but consistently flirts with getting one.

If you happen to start your morning with The Drunk Driver Friend, ask them if they drove to meet you downtown. If this friend did drive and park near Downtown Flagstaff to meet up with friends, try asking for their keys and throw them in your pocket or hide them in a pocket within your purse. They might give you extreme push back but make sure you remind them that drunk driving puts a lot of people at risk and the consequences related to DUI charges are not something to look forward to. This friend is most likely the most nervous about how they are getting home so ease their mind by scheduling them an Uber or Lyft for later that day. There is no excuse to drive drunk especially with all the resources for rides available in town.

Someone behind the wheel in a vehicle, sticking their hand out of the window, firmly grasping a beer.


2. The Friend That Gets Kicked Out of Bars

You might have a friend who gets overly aggressive anytime they get a little alcohol in their system. Don’t be surprised when their aggression spikes on Tequila Sunrise surrounded by other aggressive and intoxicated participants. This friend is at a higher risk of receiving criminal charges or DUI and roping you into some trouble with them. If you know this person well enough to calm them down, it might be best to stick with them throughout the day. If not, we suggest avoiding them and even warning the bouncers to keep an eye on them before anything gets out of hand.


3. The Drunk and Lost Friend

The Drunk and Lost Friend does exactly what you would assume they would do – they drink a little too much and wander away getting lost from the group. Not only is this dangerous but it could also turn your friend-group into a search party for a large portion of the day. It’s best to make sure they are drinking plenty of water and eating food during the day if the alcohol triggers this behavior. If you honestly don’t think you’ll be able to keep a leash or an eye on them, use your smartphone to take their picture in the morning so you can easily remember and show their description and clothing if that becomes necessary. If you end up losing this friend, make sure to let authorities know after you have done everything to contact them or find them in your general vicinity. Keep in mind that every police officer you come into contact with on Tequila Sunrise is doing their best to keep the community safe so only reach out to them if you are truly concerned and don’t hesitate if you think it is important that the police get involved.


4. The Underaged Friend

Do you have that one friend who is the last to turn 21 or a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend of a friend? Whatever you do, don’t get mixed up with trying to sneak them into a bar. There will be a higher police presence in Downtown Flagstaff and they will catch a fake ID or anyone trying to sneak into an establishment. Expect there to be more bouncers than usual keeping an eye out as well. Not only will your underaged friends get a MIC AND a MIP, the person sneaking them in can also expect to face charges. Our best piece of advice, show them our blog about underage drinking charges and stay away from them if they decide they want to try to participate in Tequila Sunrise.


5. The Out-of-Towner Friend

Chances are, you know someone you met here in Flagstaff who ended up moving somewhere a bit closer to sea level. They’ll claim, “I drink eight IPAs before feeling a THING in San Diego so I’ll be fine here” or maybe, “I haven’t been gone THAT long so my tolerance at altitude is FINE” but often end up being the ones getting too intoxicated (sloppy drunk) very early on in the day. The best way to approach this by letting them know that drinking at 7,000 feet also poses the danger of altitude sickness. If the Out-of-Towner Friend doesn’t want anyone claiming they can’t hold their liquor, turning it into a conversation about altitude sickness could make them more conscious of their drinking on Tequila Sunrise.

An image of a glass and wine bottle with someone putting their hand over the wine glass so wine cannot be poured.


6. The Friend on Drugs

Some folks use our Flagstaff NAU Homecoming holiday as an excuse to use narcotics that will assist in keeping them awake for all the festivities throughout the day. Don’t be tempted to try a bit of “whatever my friend is having” by not properly preparing for the day in a healthy and natural way. Our advice, don’t start at 4 am and plan for a lunch-time nap. Sleeping in a bit the morning of Tequila Sunrise will help you stay awake and energized longer so there will be no need to be tempted with whatever narcotics your friend possesses. You also don’t want to get caught up in any drug charges your Friend on Drugs is at high risk of receiving from one of the many police officers observing Tequila Sunrise festivities.


7. The No-Breaks Friend

The No-Breaks Friend typically doesn’t plan a nap or eat or drink water as they should. This often ends with that friend being publicly intoxicated which could result in legal consequences. By encouraging this person to go grab a snack with you and other friends or to save some cash by just drinking water for an hour at a time, it won’t make them feel like they are “missing out” on any part of the day by taking care of themselves. We also recommend not giving in to their wishes to consume more alcohol than you are comfortable.

A man slumped over at a bar surrounded by empty shot glasses.


8. The Emotional Drunk Friend

We all know someone who gets extremely emotional after drinking which can end up going poorly in many different ways. This friend could end up harming themselves by consuming more alcohol or could harm others if this emotion turns angry. We suggest keeping track of how much alcohol they are consuming and trying to slow them down if you notice any emotions surfacing. Sometimes there is nothing you can do for the Emotional Drunk Friend and it might be best to avoid them, especially if they have a history of taking their emotions out on you.


9. The Early Bird Friend

Did you get invited to this friend’s Pre-Tequila Sunrise Party for the night before? Lucky for you, this invitation is the biggest red flag you need for the Early Bird Friend. Anyone who decides to drink the night before October 26th might be the type of friend who typically consumes too much alcohol and can turn into any of the above, dangerous friends. We suggest having a meal with a lot of carbs, deciding what your hourly alcohol limit should be the next day (ex. One alcoholic drink plus two cups of water every hour), drinking a lot of water beforehand, planning how you are getting to and from Downtown Flagstaff, adding important phone numbers to your phone (ex. Taxi companies, local police phone number, etc.), and going to bed early the night before Tequila Sunrise.

A group of friends making a toast with sparkling wine and beer.



While all of this is extremely important to keep in mind our number one tip is: don’t be one of these friends. By following the tips according to each type of person described above or by not being one of them yourself, your Tequila Sunrise will be much more enjoyable. Some easy ways to avoid doing anything detrimental is by following laws and before you make a decision to ask yourself, “would I tell my most important mentor about this conscious decision I am about to make” if the answer is no, don’t do it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to drink smart this year, check out our blog How to Drink Smart on Tequila Sunrise.

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