9 Friends to Stay Away From This Tequila Sunrise

9 Friends to Stay Away From This Tequila Sunrise

A man looking through a glass of dark liquor.

With the approach of Tequila Sunrise, we wanted to give you a few examples of people you should stay away from.

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4 Ways to Stay Safer On Independence Day

A dark image of a hand holding a sparkling firework in front of the American Flag.

Looking for ways to keep your family safer this Independence Day? If so, click to see the most common 4th of July accidents and how to avoid them.

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Flagstaff Road Safety Tips for Bicyclists

A man wearing a helmet and a green backpack rides his bike through a brightly lit city at night, the lights blurring and blending behind him as he rides along the street.

New to Flagstaff or new to cycling and looking for some advice on how to stay safe? If so, click to get some tips to make your commute safer.

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Start Your Adoption Journey During #NationalAdoptionMonth

Mother & Father Walking Hand-in-Hand with Toddler Girl at Sunset

Interested in learning about National Adoption Month and what it means to so many? If so, click to see how you can help a child find a family.

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How to Drink Smart on Tequila Sunrise

drinking with friends

It’s that time again. No, not the approach of Halloween, or fall, or the changing of the leaves. In just one week, it’ll be time for Northern Arizona University’s annual Homecoming festivities, which will include, Tequila Sunrise. If you’re not familiar with this time-honored Flagstaff tradition, the unofficial event’s festivities take place in the early…

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What to Expect When Arrested & Charged With Property Theft

A close up of Benjamin Franklin's eye peering out from a 100 dollar bill.

Have you been arrested and charged with stealing someone’s property? If so, click to see what you can expect to happen and what you should do.

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