4 Ways to Stay Safer On Independence Day

A dark image of a hand holding a sparkling firework in front of the American Flag.

A dark image of a hand holding a sparkling firework in front of the American Flag.

Tips to Stay Safe This Independence Day

The Fourth of July/Independence Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re going to the parade in Downtown Flagstaff, lounging by your favorite pool, having a big BBQ or heading out of town, Independence Day safety will lead to a much more enjoyable holiday. Make sure to watch your kids around the pool, grill with caution, drink responsibly and be safe on those roads. Check out our tips on how to stay safe this Independence Day!

Swim Safely

A little girl is resting on the side of the pool with goggles on her head.

Flagstaff temps are perfect for time spent in the pool this time of year, but carelessness can lead to terrible pool-related incidents. It’s important to keep an eye on your kids the entire time they are in the water. Anything could happen in this setting, especially if you’re at a crowded public pool. Your child might be an excellent swimmer, but accidents involving others are inevitable. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, there is still the possibility of dangerous situations unfolding.

We suggest taking shifts watching the children if you are at the pool with a group of friends or family. Better yet, take shifts in the pool with the kids, so you have less of a risk of being distracted. Make sure to remind the kids not to run on the slippery pool deck and to be cautious of other swimmers around them. An accidental kick to the head or cannonball onto others could lead to serious injuries.

It’s best not to consume alcohol while in the water if you are enjoying an adult pool day. We recommend kicking off your holiday by relaxing by the pool instead of ending your day in the water after drinking.

Take Grilling Precautions

A group of six friends laughing around a grill while cooking burgers.

If you’re enjoying your day by grilling in the backyard or your local park, it’s pretty likely you’ll have kids running around and inebriated adults hanging out near the barbecue. We recommend setting the standard for kids before the grilling begins to keep their distance from the grill, as well as speaking up to adults who shouldn’t be hanging around the flames.

Touching, bumping into or brushing by the external metal can quickly cause burns for both the grill master and others. Some lightweight charcoal grills can be easily knocked over, creating a dangerous situation for everyone. It might be a good idea to make sure the grill is being watched at all times and to designate jobs to others for assistance. The main griller should try to stay at their station the entire grilling session, refrain from drinking, and ask others to grab any other items they need. Setting a specific time for grilling will reduce the chances of having an incident when compared to cooking all day. Doing so earlier in the afternoon might help reduce alcohol-related accidents.

In case you’re looking for some tips to make your barbecue party even better, check out HomCo Lumber & Hardware’s blog about the “Top 3 Tips for the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Party.”

Drink Responsibly

Close up of a hand holding a sparkler and other hands holding sparkling wine glasses.

We want you to enjoy your holiday but recommend avoiding the consequences that can follow drinking too much. Many celebrations involve being around alcohol the entire day. We recommend keeping track of how many drinks you have and how quickly you are drinking throughout the day. Setting a limit for yourself in the morning will ensure more conscious consumption. Are you planning on going to work on Friday after the Fourth of July? Reminding yourself of next-day responsibilities may help you keep track of how many drinks you’ve consumed.

Whether you’re in your backyard, at a friend’s house, or at a public celebration, don’t drink and drive this Independence Day. Speak with your friends and family about designated drivers or plan on ordering a car before your day begins. Flagstaff is full of Ubers, Lyfts, and Taxi drivers, especially on holidays, so finding a ride home shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re drinking at a BBQ, don’t forget to eat! Enjoy delicious grilled food and help your blood-alcohol levels at the same time. Alcohol takes longer to absorb into your bloodstream when you have a full stomach. While you’re eating, try taking breaks from alcohol and drink a few glasses of lemonade or water. Drinking one non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic drinks is a great way to reduce the likelihood of becoming too intoxicated. Staying hydrated while drinking on a warm day will help you avoid dehydration. These tips will also help you enjoy the party longer and get back to work without any ailments.

Find more safe drinking tips in our “How to Drink Smart on Tequila Sunrise” blog.

Travel Cautiously

A suitcase being packed with shirts, a hat, shoes, and other travel essentials.

If you are traveling for the holiday, it’s important to remember that many people are doing the same. Expect holiday traffic as well as distracted drivers. Try your best not to get distracted by the kids in the back seat, and make sure to pack games, coloring books, and other activities that will keep them busy for the entire trip. Leave a few hours early to avoid a sense of urgency and potential speeding.

Leaving after working all day on Wednesday? We recommend hitting the road after being well-rested. Can you take a half-day on Wednesday and begin your journey with only 4 hours of work under your belt? If you can’t avoid this time to travel, having a “travel buddy” to switch off driving responsibility will increase the safety of all passengers and yourself.

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