What Marijuana Laws Do I Need to Know in Northern Arizona?

An image of the Arizona state flag blowing in the wind near sunset.

What Marijuana Laws Do I Need to Know in Northern Arizona? Most people are quite familiar with marijuana. Whether they know someone who has/does use it, has/does use it themselves, have smelled it around the community or have heard about it on an assortment of media platforms, you know what it is. With this level…

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Tips to Stay Safe This Independence Day

A dark image of a hand holding a sparkling firework in front of the American Flag.

Tips to Stay Safe This Independence Day The Fourth of July/Independence Day is right around the corner and whether you’re going to the parade in Downtown Flagstaff, lounging by your favorite pool, having a big BBQ or heading out of town, staying safe will lead to a much more enjoyable holiday. Make sure to watch…

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5 Mistakes New Drivers Make

  Getting a driver’s license is a coveted achievement for most 16-year-olds but with this hasty excitement, most new drivers miss out on some vital information. It is arguably the most exciting step for a teenager to take but there are reasons why it makes other drivers on the road a little uneasy. If you…

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What to Expect During Child Custody Cases

Black and white image of a man and woman releasing a hand hold.

  American marriages have gone through a serious amount of changes over history. Right now, we are finding ourselves in a time where divorce, separation, and child custody battles will affect most people. With divorce rates being as high as 3.2 per 1,000 according to the CDC, child custody has transformed into an important topic…

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#NationalAdoptionMonth: Start Your Adoption Journey

This image shows a family which includes a young mother, father, and toddler in a white dress, walking into the desert against a setting sun, facing the sunset. The mother, father, and child hold hands as a they walk away, with the child in between the two adults.

This #NationalAdoptionMonth: Find Out How to Start Your Adoption Journey Adoption. It can be a beautiful way to bring a new child into your family, perhaps giving them the safe, loving, supportive home they may not have had otherwise — as well as giving others a chance to become those loving parents. You may know…

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How to Drink Smart on Tequila Sunrise

Image shoes a photograph of a rising sun coming up over the horizon through a layer of clouds, slowly illuminating a mountain range of snowy peaks below.

How to Drink Smart on Tequila Sunrise It’s that time again. No, not approach of Halloween, or fall, or the changing of the leaves. In just one week, it’ll be time for Northern Arizona University’s annual Homecoming festivities, which will include, inevitably, Tequila Sunrise. If you’re not familiar with this time-honored Flagstaff tradition, the unofficial…

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Why Practicing Empathy Makes You a Better Lawyer

Image shows a group of people in shades of black and white placing their hands on a beige wooden heart.

Why Practicing Empathy Makes You a Better Lawyer Empathy is a word that perhaps many of us have heard, but which can be difficult to parse out in regards to what exactly it means or looks like. Many tend to conflate the terms sympathy and empathy, which despite sounding so similar, are not the same…

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